Friday, 24 August 2012

Vol 2: Compost


Compost is the end product from garden waste, kitchen scraps, manure, leaves, grass clippings, straw and much more. It is the ideal plant food and will do your garden the world of good!
Why waste time and money on buying in soils and compost when you can make it for free, it’s the very best way to save money in your garden during the recession.




1.      Compost requires a mix of both green and brown waste to keep the pH balanced; this should be added in equal amounts. Brown: Straw and food Green: Grass and clippings.

2.      Ensure that diseased plants, especially those with soil-borne diseased are kept away from the compost heap, this can affect your whole garden if not controlled.

3.      Animal waste is perfect for the compost heap! Horse and Cow manure compost especially, they contain specific nutrients that are ideal for plant nurture and growth.

4.      Turning your compost heap regularly allows new oxygen to be circulated through. This will help speed up the decomposition process. Inserting a metal rod or stick into the heap will help to create an air pocket meaning that the heap may not need to be turned as regularly.

5.      You can add products to your compost to help the decay process and provide necessary nutrients, one of the most widely recommended is Alfalfa Meal which acts as an activator.

6.      Keeping your Compost heap in a black contain and in direct sunlight will help speed up the process. Black absorbs the sunlight to heat the compost helping the bacteria to thrive, the optimum temperature is between 49-72 ۫۫ C

7.      Worms are a compost heaps best friend, any worms found in the garden can be put into the heap, they will be happy there and help your compost along!

8.      The end product should be a dense, damp but not wet, rich brown soil. There should be no trace of the waste that was originally put in to rot.

9.      Finally, when the waste is fully decomposed soak the compost in water to “brew”, the final product will be compost water that is ideal for plant food.

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