Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Vol 3: Weeds & Weeding

Weeds & Weeding

Weeds can be a nuisance! They are typically known for growing just where you don’t want them to grow! Here are some tips on weeds and how to deal with them:

1.    Weeds compete with plants for water and nutrients, it is important to ensure that weeds are removed to help your plants flourish, especially if conditions are not ideal and there is a limited supply of water.

2.    Weed killers are often the perfect solution, however it is important to ensure that no other plants are damaged in the process.
     The tree types of weed killer are:

·         Systemic - the chemicals are absorbed through the leaves of weeds, killing the plant as it travels through to the roots.

·         Contact - chemical kills the leaves and stems of weeds on contact.

·         Residual - forms a waxy coating over the leaves and stems, preventing photosynthesis.

3.    Weeds need to be removed and how you do it is the key to ensuring the whole weed and root is removed. Pull when wet- hoe when dry! It’s simple!

4.    Preventing a weed from seeding is half the problem. Cutting off the flowers will help prevent the spread of the weeds around the garden.

   5.    Keeping on top of your weeding will make it an easier job. Although this seems like common sense, the more established the weeds get the more resilient they will become.

   6.    For weeds that grown between paving stones and other unwanted places, try pouring boiling water on the weeds, this is a more environmentally friendly way of getting rid.

   7.    Do not put weeds or their seeds into the compost heap, most weeds are able to survive hot temperatures and will stay alive within the compost. This will then be put onto your garden and allow them to grow again!

8.    When bringing animal manure into your garden make sure that it has been fully composted, this is another potential weeds fest if not!

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