Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Vol 4: Nomow Grass

Nomow Grass

Nomow artificial grass will give your garden the edge that all your neighbours envy! For that perfectly manicured finish without all the hard work there really is only one solution!

Whether you chose to lay it yourself or get our trained fitters to do it for you, it couldn’t be simpler. Here is a guide to how to fit your grass and the benefits it brings!!


1.       Strip the turf down to a thickness of around 40mm, this can be done using a spade (or if you’re really a pro, a mechanical turf lifer).

2.       Spread and level a 35mm layer of sharp builder’s sand.

3.       This must then be compacted using a plank and heavy hammer or compaction plate for an easier job! Gentle slopes and mounds are okay!!

4.       The weed membrane is next; roll it out over the sand overlapping joints my 300mm and leaving it 50mm short of the grass edge.

5.       Roll out the grass over the membrane to cover all areas. The edges can then be trimmed using a craft knife.

6.       If the grass roll does not cover your whole area, a jointing kit will be required; grass needs to be butted together with no fibres caught underneath and the grass must all sit the same way for the perfect finish!

7.       Apply the adhesive onto the jointing tape (rough side up) and spread along the joint surface.

8.       Place the roll edge onto the tape making sure the fibres do not touch the glue then rough up the pile at the joint to disguise the join.

9.       To fix down the edges use the ground pins and apply through grass at 200mm intervals, ruffle to disguise.

    10.   Finally brush with a stiff yarn brush to lift the grass and voila!

It’s as easy as that!


·         No Mud- Even in the rain, the water drains right through!

·         No Mowing- Forget the expensive mower, just sit back and enjoy!

·         No Weeds- No moss, dandelions, etc.

·         Saves time (and your back)

·         Soft- Perfect for kids and wont scrape their knees!

·         Easy to clean- Ideal for pets, and their mess!

·         Looks fabulous- For the competitive neighbours

·         Doesn’t need watering- For the drought season (who are we kidding!)

·         20 years + life expectancy!

·         Better for hay fever sufferers

·         The injection of green- For dull, lifeless areas.

Is that enough for you?  Because I could keep going all day!

Artificial grass is the new turf!
For an easy, stress free lifestyle that puts the fun back into gardening choose Nomow!
No Mud-No Mess-No Mowing!!

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