Thursday, 30 August 2012

Vol: 5 Pre-Holiday Plant Prep!

Pre-Holiday Plant Prep

The British weather leaves everyone ready for a holiday! It gives us time to forget the world and relax for a minute…perfection, however not all can be forgotten! Like any pet or child the garden needs care too, while your sunning it up in the South of France! Here are a few quick tips on preparing your garden for the good the bad and the downright dreadful weather while you’re away!
Dove Holes Gardens Don't Need Watering...

1. Aim to move pots and containers into an area that is away from direct sunlight, this will prevent them drying out as quickly if the rain holds off(unlikely but possible)!

2. You can also use water retaining gel if you are away for long periods of time, these will allow the plant to absorb the water from the gel but prevent the sunlight from evaporating it.

3. Get ahead with your weeding! Weed the garden as much as possible before you go away, as mentioned in Vol: 3 if weeds are able to get settled they are much harder to get rid of. Think of it as your mother moving in- An absolute nightmare and hard work getting rid of, avoid at all costs!!

4. Small greenhouse pants will need watering daily; asking your neighbour to water your plants is an obvious solution, however if they aren’t so willing you can install micro drip irrigation or a sprinkler on a timer. Ensure the sprinkler does not come on a peak times during the day; morning and evening are best for maximum absorption.

5. Vegetables should be picked before you leave and if possible get a neighbour to do this while you are away too. This will prevent your veg from becoming inedible and allow new things to grow!

6. De-heading finished or finishing flowers will help to keep the plant healthy and allow for regrowth.

7. Compost, as talked about in Vol: 2 should be spread over the garden after a good rainfall, it not only provides the plants with nutrients while your away, it also keeps the soil damp underneath so plants require less water.

8. Your Nomow Lawn is your best friend when it comes to holiday, it almost begs your to leave, test its stamina, you won’t be disappointed! No mud, No mess, No mowing and perfectly green all year round!

9. Indoor plants also need care. Ask a neighbour to water your plants every 2 days, over watering can cause the plant to die through root rot. Alternatively plant pots usually have holes in the bottom to allow for drainage, place the pots in a tray of water (not too deep) this will allow the roots to take in water as and when they need it.

10. Ensure indoor plants are put in a light area but out of direct sunlight.

11. Finally… don’t worry about your garden or plants while your away, enjoy your holiday and look forward to cracking on with the gardening when your home!

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